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Learn more about how we bridge the gap between athletics and communication sciences and disorders! Our Career Pathways program recruits and educates speech-language pathologists and audiologists, as well as advocates for interprofessional experiences to ensure a diverse pipeline into school wellness programs, college and university systems, and sports clinics, camps and leagues. We partner with sports and fitness communities to meet athletes where they are by working out their brains and bodies! Our Brain Workout program focuses on preventative education and prehabilitation, as well as provides in-person and online neurocognitive training, classes, discussions, screenings, and resources.

Support Our Mission

Head to Speech, Incorporated is the first ever 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization solely dedicated to developing, monitoring and improving upon educational, scientific and charitable initiatives for athlete brain health, sports concussions, and their effects on speech-language, hearing, and cognitive-communication skills. We advocate for speech-language pathologists and audiologists to be included in sports concussion management protocols and to serve on interprofessional teams throughout student, professional and former athletes' continuum of care and lifetime for post-concussion syndrome and neurodegenerative disorders.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which the value of speech-language pathology and audiology services are understood and accepted by the athletic community, bridging the gap between the two communities through interprofessional education and collaboration that promote the overall brain health of athletes.

Our Board of Directors


"I have partnered with Head to Speech regarding opportunities to research and obtain data on athletes of all levels. My staff and I have participated and been a part of the 2023 Head to Speech Summit in creating more awareness in brain health. Being a CEO of a sports therapy business I bring my knowledge of athletes in how they function and move. My understanding of sports at all levels can also help with understanding athletes."

Montiono Whitted, LMT/CPT/CEO, Whitted Wellness, Pro Sports Therapist and Athletic Trainer
Board of Directors

"Athletes are taking a more holistic approach to their health these days, and that includes brain health. This is a positive change for the sports industry and Head to Speech is perfectly positioned to address this need. The challenge is that athletes are unaware of available services and that SLPs can work on cognition."

Lena Masri, SLP, MBA, Speech-Language Pathologist Clinical Fellow, Collegiate and Professional Sports Sales, Corporate Partnerships and Business Analytics
Board of Directors

"Speech-Language Pathologists have a role in working with athletic trainers and coaches to integrate brain health coaching, mindfulness and cognitive-communication tasks into players' sports drills, fitness routines, and daily activities. By doing so we are able to examine their cognitive-communication skills and outcomes in the areas of attention, reaction time, auditory processing, memory, thought organization, word finding, reasoning, problem solving, sequencing, planning, organizing, and social communication."

Tabia Pope, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Founder, Head to Speech, Inc. and Owner of BIA Communications, LLC.
Board of Directors

"I wasn't aware of the concussion and speech-language pathology component until speaking to Dr. Pope. This needs to get more "air time". Especially the "prehab" to expedite the return-to-play and learning portion. Strategic partners in communicating the effectiveness of this method is key."

Monique A.J. Smith, CEO, Seeds of Empowerment, LLC and Significance in Athletics and Sports Magazine™️
Board of Directors

"There are a lot of Head to Speech programs that invest in the well-being, personal advancement, and professional development of the student athlete. All of the issues and service offerings are important to support the student-athlete throughout their athletic journey. The BOD will use our collective resources to break through the barriers of entry to help educate these players. "

Glenn Hames, Founder, My Field Goals
Board of Directors

"I believe one of the most important issues for me is the overall brain health. These conversations are more than just for the athlete, they are for the coaches, parents, and athletic supports. In bringing awareness to the overall brain health will increase conversation, as well as ensure health beyond the organization in that now family and supports can spread the message of brain health. It also ensures that conversations around mental health are being discussed thus increasing awareness of preventive measures for both brain health and mental health."

Dr. JaQuinda Jackson, Trauma Psycho Clinician and Jackson Consultings LLC
Board of Directors

"Head to Speech can continue to promote brain health through community events, continue to teach young athletes about concussion early on through guest lectures at sports camps and sports practices, and equip more professionals to know the signs and symptoms of concussion and next steps through a bigger online presence. I am an African American woman from the South who is very familiar with sports, particularly football due to the huge college football presence in Alabama. I know about health literacy and know how to market information to target populations. Being a Black woman helps me as does my experience on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at my job."

Dana Bryant, Speech-Language Pathologist, The Neuro SLP (Parker Bryant Consulting, LLC)
Board of Directors

"Developing career pathways to pipeline HBCUs will incorporate a combination of understanding the unique needs of the culture, engaging stakeholders and creating strategic partnerships. As an athletic trainer, we have the same struggle of having programs at HBCUs as SLP. Head to Speech may be able to utilize interprofessional collaborations to increase the awareness of sports concussions and their residual affects."

Dr. Carlitta M. Moore, Assistant Dean for DEIB - College of Nursing & Health Professions; Clinical Education Coordinator/Assistant Professor - Master of Athletic Training, Arkansas State University
Board of Directors

"Overall, and consistent with the strategic priorities are first and foremost "quality, ethical, and research-based services to consumers. As a practicing SLP and a clinical private practitioner, my sense of strategic planning includes attention to professional development on a consistent basis. This PD should include the major areas of clinical practice: knowledge of speech/language/hearing disorders, research advancements, marketing, ethical practices, business management, and consumer rights."

Dr. Deborah A. Finley, Speech-Language Pathologist, Partnerships for Health and Education, Inc.
Board of Directors

"I have years of experience with professional women organization’s fundraisers. Therefore, I have the ability to reach out to Professional Athletes and other professionals affiliated with sport programs. I am an African American female that will enhance Head to Speech Board of Directors because I will bring a wealth of information and experience from working in Corporate America for Fortune 500 companies where diversity is valued. "

Jill Joseph, Speech-Language Pathologist, The Otherside of The Rainbow Speech Therapy Services
Board of Directors

"I consider awareness and education, recruitment and training, and partnerships as the most important issues that should be considered over the next three to five years. I am committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion goals within the board and facilitating them within the broader community. "

Kristina Biscoe, Communications, Community Engagement, Partnerships and Merchandising, Sports Mom & Youth Sports Leagues
Board of Directors


Marcus Smith, II, 6-year National Football League (NFL) Veteran, 2024 Head to Speech Keynote Speaker and Board Member, Life Coach & Founder of The Circle of M, and Global Ambassador for All Points North Lodge
Board of Directors


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Newsmagazine

SLP Starts Nonprofit for Sports TBI, Brain Health


Invite us to speak to your community. We educate the masses on what's happening within the Head to Speech community, as well as the key issues and problems that we can solve together!

Let’s start the conversation about the 3.8 million sports concussions that occur every year. After 4 weeks approximately 15% of athletes who have sustained a concussion develop postconcussion syndrome. Athletes who have sustained 3 or more concussions also have a greater risk of experiencing difficulties with attention, concentration, orientation, reaction time, auditory processing, memory, word finding, disorganized thought processing, problem solving, sequencing, organization, planning, or social communication. 

We must be proactive not reactive. Know the importance of brain health, the role of speech-language pathologists and the cognitive-communication signs and symptoms that they can treat within the athletic community.



Once you complete our ambassador application you will receive an onboarding questionnaire and recurring Ambassador Zoom link for Meet & Greets! Our headquarters are within the Washington, DC area. However, we are a national organization! Our events are hybrid (in-person and online) and have a self-study option. We encourage you to raise awareness and donations within your community! We will send you everything you need to host your Head to Speech events!


Explore our Brain Workout Program 

The Brain Workout Program is perfect for school wellness, physical education programs, intercollegiate athletic programs, sports clinics, camps, leagues, and Corporate Wellness. Contact us today to schedule your 30-min consultation and we will send you our Brain Workout Assessment!


Empower other athletes to workout their brain and body! 

By sharing your story or the story of someone you know provides our community with insight into athletes' lives. Share a testimonial on how our brain workouts are beneficial to completing sports drills and physical fitness exercises, managing nutrition and wellness goals, and/or reducing mental health issues. 


The Head to Speech Ambassador Box

The Head to Speech Ambassador Box is a seasonal subscription box that helps us sustain our donations and Ambassador engagement! The box is curated by our Interprofessional Task Force made up of Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, and Allies for our inclusion in sports concussion management. Our seasonal themed boxes are centered around our brain workout challenges and contain 4-6 health, wellness, fitness, nutrition or sports performance products ranging from books and journals to athleisure clothing, brain healthy workout plans, self-care routines, and recipes! We offer these boxes to our Head to Speech Community and incorporate them as part of our swag given to our program participants.





Our Ambassador Box Pitch Competition is held during our Summer Bootcamp for Performance, Leadership and Innovation. Learn about evidence-based practices, current trends, and what our Ambassadors need to be successful in brain health and sports concussion management. Accelerate your partnership through strategy sessions and the completion of an independent project to move our purpose, vision and mission forward. Get your innovative ideas, services, programs, and products aligned with Head to Speech!

Concussion Recovery Care Packages

Our Concussion Recovery Care Packages provide athletes and their support systems with FREE cognitive-communication therapeutic resources and materials that support them working out their brain and body, as well as  return-to-playing, learning, working, and activities of daily living.

Request a package by indicating if the athlete is a student, professional or former athlete. 


Pack with Us!

The items on our Amazon Wish List help us provide Brain Workout Starter Packs and Concussion Recovery Care Packages. We also utilize these items to provide preventative education demonstrations for student, professional and former athletes, and their support systems.

Ways to get involved:

  • Purchase items that we need to go inside our packages and boxes!
  • Coordinate a care package drive and packing day for us within your community! 
  • Send the packages to your favorite collegiate athlete and let them know you miss them and care about their brain and mental health!  
  • Support our Care Package Drive by starting a Head to Speech fundraiser while working out your brain and body within your community and donate the proceeds using our HTS methods for donations! 


100% of donations go towards programs for student, professional and former athletes, as well as their support systems affected by the lack of education and resources for brain health, sports concussions, and cognitive-communication skills. You will receive a donation acknowledgment letter from Head to Speech Incorporated.


Use our email: [email protected] to donate. We will receive 100% of your donation because no fees will be taken out. Just write your name and email in the description! 

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Checks payable to:

Head to Speech Incorporated

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Bowie, MD 20716

"I have brought my knowledge and background in auditory processing disorders to Head to Speech because many of the athletes who have suffered head injuries and concussions, even mild concussions, may have suffered trauma to systems involved in processing auditory information, but there is a lack of awareness and understanding of how such head injuries can affect the athlete's abilities to process and understand what is said to them. This can affect their social lives, education, work, and life in general."

Emeritus Board Member

"I have personal experience with head injury/concussion working with family members, one who played high school, college, and semi-professional football and another who experienced two playground injuries."

Emeritus Board Member

"Head to Speech is a great nonprofit program that provides a much-needed educational service to athletes, families, and those who work with athletes. I have contributed to the concussion prevention and educations work that Head to Speech has done to support those who may experience concussion and those who provide support to athletes."

Emeritus Board Member

"I served on the Board of Directors of Head to Speech due to the opportunity to be a part of something that is making a huge impact not only in my direct community but I believe will help to educate all facets of the health field. This is to include not only the field of Speech-Language Pathology but all involved in sports such as sports medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health. I have been very excited to aid in making such a groundbreaking change through education within the health field and sports community."

Emeritus Board Member

"As an accomplished Financial Advisor, I help Head to Speech fulfill its mission by contributing financially to the task, goals, and objectives and provide my wise counsel gained through over 30 years of academic achievement and professional experience."

Board Member (Secretary/Treasurer)

"My interest in concussion management is very personal. My father who was an athlete all of his life suffered many concussions. The result being cognitive deficits and affecting his quality of life as an elderly senior. I also have two grandsons who are energetic and curious, and will certainly play sports. Their protection and those of other athletes is my utmost interest."

VP of Operations

Our Programs

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $50,000 to secure funding and ensure programming through 2024-2025.

Head to Speech® Awareness Campaign & Toolkit

Help us make the Head to Speech® Sports Concussion & The Effects on Cognitive-Communication Skills Awareness Campaign & Toolkit the leading national health communications and social marketing awareness campaign from a speech-language pathologists' and audiologists’ perspective designed to increase public knowledge and awareness on head injury, sports-related concussion and the effects on speech, language, hearing and cognitive-communication skills in a time-effective and efficient manner.

Proceeds go towards research, policy and advocacy, increased media partnerships and sponsorships, printing and distribution, brand ambassador training, operational and travel expenses, national and international support to address health disparities, etc. 

Our awareness campaign and toolkit initiatives will include: 

  • Exhibitor brochures, flyers, posters, and promotional merchandise
  • Production of videos, in-service trainings, quizzes, case studies, podcast interviews 
  • Support current and future research using focus groups and questionnaires, screenings, assessments, and interventions
  • National and international public service announcements and social marketing campaigns 

Head to Speech® Academy

Help Head to Speech continue to provide evidence-based courses as a continuing education provider with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Our Academy supports the educational needs of sports medicine and rehabilitation providers, coaches, athletes, and support groups including academic advisors, vocational counselors, spouses, family members, and caregivers!

Proceeds from the Head to Speech Academy provide graduate school scholarships, professional fellowships and travel stipends to those demonstrating an interest in adult neurogenic disorders, traumatic brain injury and sports-related concussion research, clinical leadership and innovation. 

Our 3 Signature Programs are: 

  1. Head to Speech Interprofessional Task Force Summit plus access to our Interprofessional Task Force Mastermind, Summit Planning Committee & Facebook Community
  2. Head to Speech Bootcamp for Performance, Leadership and Innovation in Sports Concussion Management, Cognitive-Communication Rehab, and Overall Brain Health 
  3. Head to Speech Ambassador Podcast and Podcourses: Provide Audio courses only. 

Our Ambassadors receive Sports Concussion Fundamentals webinars during our monthly Meet & Greets!


Head to Speech® Brain Workout

Help us build a community that not only provides resources to athletes with concussions and their support systems but also connects health, wellness and fitness communities with opportunities to facilitate and host a support group or a fundraiser using the Head to Speech® Brain Workout & Meals Program!

Proceeds from the Head to Speech® Brain Workout & Meals Program help us provide the following:

  • Guidance for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and audiologists (AuDs) and other health, wellness and fitness professionals who want to work with athletes on holistic concepts and approaches related to physical fitness, wellness, sports nutrition, and the mind diet in order to achieve the athletes’ peak cognitive-communication performance, as well as prevent cognitive decline related to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurogenic disorders. 
  • A Starter Pack with sample products, recipes, meal plans, and video segments for brain workout exercises, brain workout meals, and brain health challenges!  
  • A therapeutic workbook that includes assessment and treatment strategies for athletes and their support systems affected by post-concussive cognitive-communication disorders. 
  • Intense focus on specific cognitive-communication domains using counseling and journaling. Within each section of the journal are exercises for athletes, their athletic trainers, coaches, and support systems.
  • Facilitate a support group that focuses on athletes and their support systems by discussing the following: Return-to-playing, return-to-learning, and vocational training, overview of concepts, such as dual tasking and mindfulness.

  • Encourage the inclusion of SLPs and AuDs in traditional modes of care delivery, including co-treatment with physical and occupational therapists.

  • Share resources and tools within an engaged community! 



Follow us for our latest community events. Some of our community events and fundraisers have included Nike Unite Glenarden, Tots to Teens Expo, and Panda Express.




Interested in sponsoring the SPRING 2024 Head to Speech® Interprofessional Task Force Summit? The generosity of our sponsors and donors makes it possible for attendees to enjoy a fabulous Summit with fellow Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, as well as health and rehabilitation professionals, sports management professionals, athletes and their support systems. For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact [email protected].



Exclusive-One Available

  • Registration for groups up to 30 attendees
  • Recognized as presenting sponsor on all summit-related promotional materials 
  • Mentioned at all keynote speaker introductions, breakout sessions and panel discussions
  • Opportunity to co-host a contest on social media
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  • Unlimited pre-summit social media mentions (shout-outs/tags)
  • Logo on summit landing page
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  • Opportunity to be featured in video during virtual summit 
  • Access to market intelligence including insight from the Head to Speech Board of Directors, Interprofessional Task Force Summit Planning Committee meetings, behind-the-scenes experiences, and summit attendees email list



Exclusive-Four Available

  • Registration for groups up to 15 attendees
  • Recognized as presenting sponsor of one of the awards presented during the virtual summit
  • Awards given include: Summit Graduate and Undergraduate Student Scholarships and Summer Fellowships
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  • Opportunity to co-host a contest on social media
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  • Unlimited pre-summit social media mentions (shout-outs/tags)
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Exclusive-Three Available

  • Registration for groups up to 10 attendees
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Unlimited available

  • Registration for groups up to 5 attendees
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First 10 Task Force Members

  • Registration for 1 attendee
  • Opportunity to include branded items in swag bags for individual supporters, and more!
  • Listing in online Directory of service providers
  • Access to all speakers and post-summit one-on-one coaching support with Dr. Pope and selected speakers 



$408 for late enrollment

  • Registration for 1 attendee
  • $349 Enroll early now until November 30th
  • SAVE $59 on Summit & Expo tickets plus a year of Academy trainings with ASHA CEUs/PDHs



Payment Plan $19/month

  • $19/month (payment plan)
  • Summit & Expo tickets and a year of Academy trainings with ASHA CEUs/PDHs 
  • (Scholarships are available) 



Payment Plan $9/month

  • $9/month (payment plan)
  • Summit & Expo tickets and a year of Academy trainings 
  • (Scholarships are available)


Take Advantage of our Group Rate We offer 30% OFF for educational institutions, companies, organizations, or community collectives with no more than 5 individuals who make up that group.



VALUED AT $1,745

Everything included for your educational institution, company, organization, or community collective at the very best price! 



Invite Head to Speech to your next community event! We'll be there to raise awareness and fundraise within your community! Our Founder, Dr. Tabia Pope proudly invites all community collectives, especially sports parents to get involved! She is the wife of Patrick Pope, a retired International Basketball Federation (FIBA) player, Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Player of the Year and All American in 2003, and All Time Leading Scorer at Saint Augustines University from 1999 - 2003. She is also a sports mom of two boys and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Partner with us if player safety is of the upmost importance to you and your community!


Head to Speech offers three groups including the Head to Speech Interprofessional Task Force, Head to Speech Academy, and Head to Speech Community for Athletes with Concussion & Their Support Systems.

Head to Speech Interprofessional Task Force

Advisory Council, Masterclasses & Interprofessional Summit Planning

Join an Interprofessional Task Force of leaders and active participants interested in doing the following:

1) Advocate for speech-language pathologists and audiologists in sports concussion management to ensure athletes receive education, counseling, timely identification, assessment, and interventions for post-concussive speech-language, hearing and cognitive-communication disorders.

2) Share how the sports and medical communities can improve upon the current referral processes, educational, clinical, scientific, and charitable initiatives in sports concussion management and cognitive-communication rehabilitation.

3) Engage on an ongoing basis within our Facebook Group and meet annually at the Head to Speech Interprofessional Summit in order to audit current protocols, programs, interventions, and resources; Discuss problems and solutions; Identify ways to utilize the Head to Speech Awareness Campaign and Toolkit in various communities; and carryout action plans by monitoring their outcomes.

  • Our subject matter experts are knowledgeable members who often join conversations to answer questions, provide insights, and offer support.
  • Our speakers cover a breadth of topics on traumatic brain injury, sports concussion management and/or cognitive-communication rehabilitation.
  • Once you receive a badge, it makes it easier for others to spot informative or insightful posts and comments, and Head to Speech Incorporated can collaborate with you to host Q&As, respond to members’ questions, and share perspectives. 

Head to Speech Academy

Continuing Education & Professional Development Courses

  • Are you looking to increase your knowledge about neurogenic disorders, traumatic brain injury and sports concussion management?
  • Are you looking to expand your service offerings to athletes with a history of sports concussion?
  • Are you interested in becoming a course instructor?  
  • All in-person trainings include customizable PowerPoint Presentations. 
  • Athletic leagues, educational institutions, healthcare systems, private practice providers, and communities for athletes and their support systems can request a consultation, speaking engagements and media relations.

Our courses are specifically designed for the following key groups:

  • Communication sciences and disorders leaders; Speech-language pathologists and audiologists; Sports medicine and rehabilitation leaders; Physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists; Sports management leaders and coaches; Athletic organization leadership and athletes; and A coalition of advocates and support groups including spouses, family members, caregivers, academic advisors, vocational counselors, agents, attorneys, etc. 

Head to Speech Brain Workout Community

Sports & Fitness

The Head to Speech Brain Workout Community provides brain health education, neurocognitive training, live discussions, and resources for the sports & fitness community!

We welcome college, professional & former athletes and their support systems from family and coaches to teammates, medical personnel, academic advisers, vocational counselors, and the people that make up an athlete’s entourage play a fundamental role in their brain health, post-concussive cognitive-communication rehabilitation, and cognitive aging.

Athletes under the age of 18 require their legal guardians consent and involvement. 


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